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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Our new 5/6 cylinder universal Zolder macau 122/6 airbox and Plenums in LH and RH fitments is soon to be ready to launch at the 2012 PMW show in cologne. The airbox should be capable of being fitted to most 5 or 6 cylinder engines inc BMW E30, Datsun 240/260z, Skyline, Supra, Jaguar 6 cyl, Triumph 6 cyl

The airbox is designed to suit the quick release ITG JC100 6 cylinder flat back plate, but we will also be launching our own 30mm, 60mm and 90mm deep back plates.

The airbox features a 127.5mm od oval inlet snorkel to fit 127.5mm bore hose or ducting.
Also we are incorporating the ability to fit an internal 80mm deep Itg dome foam air filter or you can remote filter the air.

The 5/6 cylinder Fontana Macau 122/6 Plenum version features a much heavier lay-up as used and tested on Lemans LMP prototype engines which can withstand boost pressures of around 3-3.5 Bar.
The Plenum versions are available with alloy inlet adapters, either a 70mm adapter to suit Jenvey or AT throttles or a 90mm adapter for Jenvey throttle. 

The Plenum should be capable of being fitted to most 5 or 6 cylinder engines inc BMW E30, Datsun 240/260z, Skyline, Supra, Audi Quattro, Jaguar 6 cyl, Triumph 6cyl

The Plenum will be available with 4mm alloy flat bolted and nitrile gasket back plate or carbon 30,60,90mm deep versions. 

We hope this will open up a world of tuning opportunities with NA tuners fitting throttle bodies or multi choke carbs and indeed turbo / supercharging 6 cylinder engines. Speak to Jenvey or AT power or the other inlet manifold throttle manufacturers to get these universal parts married to your engine and making you power.

Prices and part numbers coming to our web site soon.

11/10/2012 02:53pm :
Post by Simon Farren - MD

Monday, 6 August 2012

New CNC Machine Here!

Our new Thermwood 5 Axis CNC router is now almost ready and will soon be helping us with our design process by allowing us to manufacture our own CNC patterns and female low volume tools using Open Mind HyperCAD / HyperMILL software. We are now in the final calibration tests and should have the machine running very shortly!

For more information on our Type 67 5 Axis CNC Machine, Please visit the Thermwood blog.

06/08/2012 12:53pm :
Post by Jordan Payne - Sales & Marketing (Web Media)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

New 2010 Exige Wing!

Here you can see our new Exige S2 2010 motorsport 225mm carbon fibre adjustable rear wing and carbon clam mount kit.

Please click on the image to be directed to our site.

30/05/2012 11:45pm :
Post by Jordan Payne - Sales & Marketing (Media) Apprentice

Friday, 18 May 2012

Skyline Cam Covers

We have recently been working on prepreg carbon coating some alloy cam covers for a customers project car.

The covers were shot blasted, degreased and wrapped with two plies of 199 GSM twill One at 0 degrees, and one at 90 degrees to hering bone in center. Autoclave cured and painstakingly finished with Durepox epoxy clear coat.

18/05/2012 15:44pm :
Post by Jordan Payne - Sales & Marketing (Media) Apprentice

Carbon Fibre Composites - Reverie

Friday, 13 April 2012

TVR seats

We Have New TVR seats available!

We have recently crafted some Mulsanne C seats and subframe kits for a TVR Tuscan S2.

Other seat types available,
as we also make the Mulsanne B and Mulsanne XC versions of the seat for the Tuscan S2.
Here are some links to the parts:

Mulsanne C (Double Skinned)
Mulsanne B (Single skinned)

Mulsanne XC (Twin skinned, narrow version)

For more information on other seat types and for different models, Please follow the link below:
Reverie Carbon Fibre Seat gallery

13/04/2012 10:25am :
Post by Jordan Payne - Sales & Marketing (Media) Apprentice

Images Courtesy of Simon Partridge
Carbon Fibre Composites - Reverie

Reverie Newsletter April 2012

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Reverie Header
New Products Released

We have recently added some new items to our range of Composite products. The new products are as follows:

New Zolder 65-122 Airboxes (Both LH and RH)

Zolder 112 Macau LH Airbox

Also available as plenum

Zolder 65x RH Airbox
Also available as plenum

New Elise / Exige S2 Brake Ducts

Elise / Exige S2 Motionsport ABS plastic brake ducts and disk
bell air canal.

New TVR seats

TVR Tuscan S2 Mulsanne C Seat now available with seat fitting brackets fits T350 and some other models also.

New 2010 Exige Rear Wing

Lotus Exige 2010 adjustable high downforce carbon rear wing and carbon end supports coming soon!

New Staff

We have recently got a new staff member that joined our team this month. Introducing Jordan Payne, our new Sales & Marketing Apprentice!

For any queries with Reverie products and Marketing aspects please contact him at:

Press Releases

Cogent Nanosat satellite uplink terminal
We have recently finished working on a satilite uplink terminal for Cogent technologies. Here is thier press release:

"The NanoSat is a lightweight 'flyaway' satellite uplink terminal, primarily used for the live transmission of news, sports and entertainment programmes. The NanoSat is designed to pack away into two transport cases so that the system may be transported anywhere in the world by a TV crew as 'accompanied baggage' on a passenger aircraft. As such, each case needs to be under 32kg in weight in order to be accepted as'check-in' luggage by most airlines."

"Reverie was recommended to our client as an expert in the field of composite design and production and a company who could support a major weight saving programme on the NanoSat terminal by converting the chassis and bodywork from aluminium & fibreglass to carbon-fibre. This was a complex projectinvolving the traditional stages of design specification, structural analysis and comparison, CAD modelling, tooling, prototyping and production. Particular care had to be taken to ensure that the mechanical rigidity of the terminal wasn't compromised while still achieving a significant weight saving. Extensive research was also undertaken in conjunction with the customer on 'EMC' performance (Electromagnetic Compatibility, also known as'CE') to ensure that the electronics enclosure met with European standards. Reverie is delighted to confirm that the project was completed on schedule and within budget, resulting in a large volume production order."

Finished Satilite in action

Close up


We have updated our Reverie Brochures
We have edited our brochures to include new products that were not found in the latter versions.

The brochures can be downloaded from here:

Lotus Brochure 2012

Universal Brochure 2012

We have ordered a new Thermwood M67 5 axis router

We have just ordered a new Thermwood 5 axis M67 dual ended spindle router to give us some in house 5 axis machining capability for patterns and moulds when our current excellent sub contractors are too busy machining for F1 over Christmas and into January and February. Also we will be machine trimming c/fibre components where required to high tolerance. The machines moving bed size is 5ft by 5ft with 24” Z height.

We will shortly be demoing and selecting CAM software for the machine to generate complex tool paths from CAD. The new machine will be installed and we hope on-line from Late August 2012.

We now have a new Faro Gage Inspection arm

In order to back up our new capabilities with our 5 axis router we have just also purchased a portable Faro GAGE 1.2m Arm which will allow us to inspect parts down to +/-0.02mm. It will also give us some reverse engineering capabilities.
This really does allow us to take on more demanding sub contract engineering and manufacturing parts to finer tolerances and greater repeatability than ever before.

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Our mailing address is:
Reverie LTD
Unit 2, Chandlers Row
Port Lane
Colchester, Essex CO1 2HG
United Kingdom

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Reverie May 2011 Newsletter


Carbon Dymag Wheels

We have recently refurbished four carbon Dymag wheels; the lacquer was starting to degrade from time and damage through use. We stripped the old lacquer and recoated the wheels using Durepox clear epoxy followed with a coat of 2K acrylic and finally polished to high gloss. Call or email for a refurbishment quote.

Wheel before repair

Wheels in the spray booth

Restored wheel with new lacquer

Ginetta G55

Over the last few months we have been making plenums for Ginetta’s new Ford 3.7LTR G55 “One Make race car” The kit consists of two carbon fibre plenums for either side of the V6 block linked with a carbon fibre smooth internal surface Y-piece and a drive by wire OEM throttle.

Images courtesy of Ginetta Cars

New products

Door Cards & Centre Tunnels

A few weeks ago in our last news letter and blog we mentioned that we we’re producing new Elise / Exige S2 door cards and five speed K-series and six speed 111R centre tunnels. We have just finished making the first of each of these products which are now available to order

Elise / Exige S2 Door Cards

Elise 5 Speed Centre tunnel for K-Series engines

Elise / Exige S2 6 Speed for 111R Toyota engines

Website, Shows and a new Brochure

Web changes

In the last blog we mentioned some upcoming changes to the website; these were designed to make the web store easier to use by allowing users to save and load shopping cart contents and provide better accuracy on stock levels of kits and products that have more than one component. We have now introduced these functions and have received positive feedback, we will continue to tweak and refine our website as time progresses.

New technical data

We pride ourselves on being able to answer any question asked about our products, so we are in the process of putting more technical information online available for download such as technical drawings of our products and flow data for our range of air filters, links to these new pages below.

More pages to follow

Reverie ITG foam filter technical information

Reverie K&N Cotton Gauze filter technical information

Reverie remote filter canister flow data

Air Box Technical Drawings

New brochure

We have started designing a two new brochures, one will contain our lotus parts with the other showing our universal parts, the lotus brochure is expected to be published in mid August with the universal parts brochure following on later in the year. A sneak peak of the new design is shown below.

Exhibition dates

Come and visit us! We have got three more exhibitions lined up for late 2011 and early 2012 we will be exhibiting at:

- PMW show :: Cologne – Germany 15th – 17th November 2011

- PRI :: Orlando, Florida – USA 1st to 3rd December 2011 (Booth 1753)

- Autosport :: NEC Birmingham – UK 12th – 15th January 2012 (Stand 8610)


We are looking for a 2010 lotus Exige and a Lotus Evora /Evora S to use for development of new parts, discounted parts available in return. Car required for 7-10 days

Lotus Exige 2010

Lotus Evora

Reverie in the News

We have recently been featured in the March edition of Race Tech Magazine, showing our Fontana plenums you can find us on page 80 of the March 2011 edition or you can visit the E-Mag and view the magazine on your computer, Link below

Race Tech Magazine - March 2011