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Friday, 10 September 2010

New 4 carbon fibre cylinder inlet plenums

After lots of hard work we have just finished productionising our first two autoclaved universal fit 4 cyl carbon fibre inlet plenums.

Reverie have made plenums for lemans race car engines for the last 4 years and we decided it was time to offer the aftermarket specialist engine builder a universal plenum that could be used for boosted (to 3 bar) or N/A applications.

Two depths of plenum are available 65mm deep and 112mm deep.

Both feature a blind stainless steel base plate insert moulded in, and fit the same 2mm or 4mm alloy un-drilled back plate and both are sealed by a nitrile gasket with m5 cap heads.

We have also worked closely with John Goddard from ATPower to make the plenums work with their S2000 throttle and there range of adaptable inlet trumpets and runners.

The plenums are available now from reverie or our dealer network, please speak to ATPower on prices for the Throttle and runners.


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