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Friday, 8 April 2011

Reverie April Newsletter 2011

It’s been a busy few months here at Reverie, with Customer orders, new staff joining to increase our capacity due to demand and an overhaul of our webshop. We have also been working hard to get some new products ready to launch, but more about those shortly.


We recently fitted a custom trimmed Hockenheim 405 air box with Interlagos ram air cowl to John Danby racing’s Honda NSX V6. More images are available here

Website overhaul

Those of you who visit our website regularly may have noticed we’ve introduced a new Icon based navigation system which works with the old style menu on the left of the page; we wanted to make finding what you want easier, we hope that the new system will do just that. We have also added a revolving banner with a few of our best selling and featured products which from time to time will show new products and special offers.

Website Landing pages

As mentioned in the October newsletter we’ve introduced a landing page for most categories and sub categories; this contains background information about the products in that category and links to areas such as the gallery and technical data sheets. We are also working to improve product images and the more information text giving more detail and accurate information.

Website Translate function

We’ve improved our translate function for our customers around the globe. The translate tool is embedded into each page and can be found on the left hand side of the website just below the search function, we’ve also added the same tool to our blog to help us give you the information you need.

Website Shipping costs

Our shipping system was getting to be out of date and was occasionally quoting unreasonably high prices; this has now been reworked to give accurate shipping costs for all of our products. We have also negotiated a new tariff with our courier and we are passing the savings on to you, our valued customers.

Website Technical information

We’ve added new pages to our technical section and put some new content on the old ones. You can now find guides showing dimensions for our range of air boxes, plenums and seats. We’ve just finished a technical page for our air filters; there you will find graphs and air flow data for unfitted filters and filters in remote filter canister.

Website Future changes

We are in the development stage of two new features for our website, the first is a save basket function, allowing you to save an order and return to pay later which is ideal for dealers wishing to order in large batches to minimise costs.

In addition to our recent full stock take we are also introducing a nifty function into the back end of our stock management which will check to see if product components are available and display stock accordingly giving a much more accurate stock level.

Zolder Plenums rebranded to Fontana Plenums

We’ve rebranded our Zolder plenums to Fontana plenums as the old name caused confusion between plenums and air boxes. But don’t worry they’re still the same great product as before. Since our last newsletter we have added two more variants to our range of plenums, the 65 X, a bottom feed slim plenum and the 112 X a deep centre feed plenum.

65 X bottom feed slim plenum

112 X centre feed plenum

New products

It’s the section you’ve been waiting for, where we get to tell you about some of our new products that we’re working on and what’s in the pipeline.

Elise and Exige S2 door cards and Centre Tunnels

Due to popular demand we have started developing replacement door cards for Elise and Exige S2, and centre tunnels for K-series & Toyota 111R powered Elise and Exige S2. These will be direct replacements for the OEM parts. These parts are available to pre order now. Images should be uploaded within the next two weeks.

Door Cards

Elise / Exige S2 Door Cards

Centre Tunnels

K- Series

Toyota 111R

V6 & V8 Hockenheim 405 Air Box - New Filter

Currently customers purchasing our V6 & V8 air boxes have had the opportunities to fit a pair of dome ITG internal elements, remote filter canisters or K&N Panel filters. Now working closely with ITG we have released a new bespoke to reverie single large dome internal element. This has the advantage of fitting to engines where the trumpet banks would be too close together to run two separate domes or where the height does not allow the use of side mounted K&N panel elements in the feed cowls.

Rally 320 Flat bottom steering wheels

The Rally 320 Steering wheel has been part of our product line up for some time now but we are always looking for ways to improve and refine our products. We are adding the option to include a MoTeC SLM eight LED shift light module embedded into the top of the wheel. The LEDs are fully independent and programmable. The SLM works in conjunction with MoTeC ECUs, and Dash Loggers, and the ACL via a CAN connection. Any of the ADL2, SDL, M400, M600, M800, M880 or ACL MoTeC devices. This option is available to pre order now.

The product is available here

A specification sheet is available here