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Tuesday, 21 July 2020

NEW Ariel Atom Parts...

New Ariel Atom parts available including a dual element wing (R01SB0601) that features a 225mm chord main element with 130mm chord flap element. It is available with either our OEM Carbon Fibre replacement standard rear wing mounts (R01SB0591) or our 250mm extended rear wing mounts (R01SB0589):

Also now available for the Ariel Atom are two new Carbon Fibre front wings - 310mm chord in either high down-force or low drag versions. Both wings are supplied ready to fit;

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Porsche 911 Rear Wing Kits

More images of our Porsche 911 Carbon Fibre wing kit and front splitter;

To view our range of Porsche 911 rear wing kits and accessories, please visit our website

R01SB0576: Porsche 911 991GT2RS Carbon Fibre Rear Wing 310mm x1700mm High Downforce for Reverie Cnc High Mounts

R01SB0577; Porsche 911 991GT2RS Carbon Fibre Rear Wing 310mm x1700mm High Downforce to fit OEM STD or Clubsport rear mounts.

R01SB0597; Porsche 911 991.1 GT3RS Carbon Fibre Rear Wing 310mm x1700mm High Downforce to fit OEM STD Rear mounts.

R01SB0487; Porsche 911 GT3 (991.1) (13 - 17 ) High Down-Force Carbon Fibre Rear Wing Kit - 310mm

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Reverie Porsche 911 991 GT3 RS 310mm Carbon Fibre Rear Wing Kit

Reverie Porsche 911 991 GT3 RS 310mm Carbon Fibre rear wing kit. Available in polished or clear coated finish

(thanks to Alex in Switzerland for kind image)

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Reverie New Airbox technical catalogue released

Reverie New Airbox technical catalogue released
click here to view

Reverie Scirocco GT24 Carbon Fibre RearWing and Diffuser

Reverie have just carefully fabricated a 310mm carbon fibre clear coated low drag adjutable tailgate mounted rear wing and custom rear multi element rear carbon fibre diffuser for this Scirocco GT24 trackday car. The car has had a lot of custom upgrades and features c/fibre wide arches and a big front spoiler / splitter with 10x18" wheels and trackday tryes etc etc.

We have just helped the customer with his quest for a rear diffuser and rear wing to finish it all off. All custom made and fitted at Reverie.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

March 2020 Update


TVR Cerbra Race car rear diffuser:

A Gentleman racer approached us to fit a universal Reverie rear diffuser 270/630/270mm (add links) to his TVR race car, allowing him to shortly re root his exhaust system and make up a full flat floor to improve downforce and reduce drag, this making the car more competitive on circuits.
The Fitting work also involved extensively cutting out and modifying the GRP boot floor, to allow the diffuser to be installed at 7 degrees exit angle to the future floor install.



Hiyabusa Gen II Air Boxes

We have had some increased demand for the new season with people getting new car builds ready wanting to pass UK drive by noise circuit limits, therefore needing air boxes and intake silencer systems for cars with throttle bodies
We have a huge range of universal fitment and application specific air boxes, all on our web site and always happy to help advise.

Allumy Motorsport Caterham Hiyabusa with 620 Nose

A Specially modified Hockenheim 422 air box with 2 off 75mm oval side intake snorkels (Under the bonnet line) and then a modified by Reverie Caterham 620 nose cone with 2 off 75mm straight oval snorkel exits to provide cold, quiet ram air.
The Box top will come just through the bonnet via a nice neat cut out to give plenty of air box volume;


Reverie Hockenheim 422 air box (R01SE0033)
105 x 38mm Oval air duct (R01SE0249)
75mm 45deg air duct (R01SE0266)


CSR 260 Caterham rear diffuser R01SB0594

We now offer a pre-preg Autoclaved 3 tunnel rear diffuser for fitment to Caterhams CSR260, previously we only offered to SV and Std S3 chassis models.


Porsche 911 991 GT2RS Rear Wing and CNC High mounts

We now offer a 310mm 1700mm wide high down force rear wing profile to mount to Stock original equipment Porsche 911 991 GT2 mounts, or we can offer special “Club Sport style” High Mounts which bolt to the original boot lid and allow fitment of our adjustable 310mm High Down force rear wing.

View our GT2RS range on our website

Wing kit part no.s R01SB0576 for high mounts (shown above), R01SB0577 for OEM std mounts

R01SB0578 (above, right) high mount
R01SB0579 (above, right) OEM std mount

Saturday, 11 January 2020

Robin Read Dragster at Autosport 2020

This beautifully built dragster new for 2020 is sporting Reverie carbon fibre front and rear autoclave wings, check it out at Autosport. Good luck to Robin Read