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Wednesday 17 January 2024

Carbon Bucket Seats For C111 Lotus Chassis Vehicles

Carbon Bucket Seats For C111 Lotus Chassis Vehicles

Elise/Exige S1, 340R, Elise/Exige S2, 2-Eleven, Elise S3/Exige V6 and VX220/Speedster

Lotus sports cars are designed and developed for motoring purists, seeking refined performance and handling. The C111 chassis range of vehicles are all, for their class, extremely lightweight which results in stunning road holding, acceleration, braking and overall performance.

For over 20 years, we at Reverie have helped and continue to develop, build and improve the Lotus ranges with our Carbon Fibre seating range. Managing director and founder Simon Farren, previously a Lotus cars Engineer/enthusiast who worked on the production and type approval management team for the Lotus 340R, went on to develop and release the track day enhancements for Lotus so we know and understand the ethos, engineering and importance of saving weight in a Lotus more than most.

The C111 chassis vehicles includes the Lotus Elise S1/S2/S3 /Exige S1/S2/S3 V6 / 340R / 2-Eleven / Vauxhall VX220.

All our Narrow Mulsanne B,C,XC and XRC seats are an easy fitment into C111 chassis Lotus vehicles.

Mulsanne B shown in an S2 Elise with customised leather trim by HANGAR 111

Why fit our seats to your Lotus?

Reverie performance seats are designed and constructed for drivers looking for serious weight reduction. The Mulsanne C seat weighs just 2.4kg. That isn’t a typo – the Mulsanne C really does weigh less than many computer laptops. The standard Lotus Elise S1 seats are approximately 10kg each, the V6 Exige seats weigh considerably more and a single seat in the Emira is over 25kg alone. Fit a pair of Mulsanne C seats in an Emira and you could save over 45kg – the equivalent of a slim-line dishwasher.

Mulsanne C with custom seat cushions in S2 Exige (left), Reverie seat cushion kit Black and Yellow leather (special order) in 2-Eleven (right)

Maybe you seek more headroom also, especially if looking to track the car and occasionally wear a helmet then our Mulsanne C is a good option. The Reverie Mulsanne C/ XC/ XRC are the ultimate twin-skin Carbon seats developed for Lotus C111 Chassis vehicles. 

What makes our seats stand out?

The front and back of the Mulsanne C seats use high-quality quality carefully hand laid Carbon Fibre pre-preg that is Autoclave cured – a process used in Formula 1. The shells are then carefully bonded together and polished to a very high gloss finish. The result is a monocoque seat with the lightest weight and extreme stiffness. If desired, we can lacquer all of our seats for a very high gloss finish.

Clear coated high gloss lacquered Mulsanne C in 340R (below, left)

(above, right) Mulsanne XC drivers side (UK), Mulsanne C passenger side, both with Reverie Blue Alcantara seat cushion trim sets (340R)

Is there a cheaper version of the Mulsanne C?

Yes. We can offer the Lotus enthusiast a slightly cheaper Reverie Mulsanne B seat which looks the same on the front side but has a plain black non-Carbon rear side. The Mulsanne B an Autoclaved single-skin seat weighs fractionally more at around 3.0kgs but is available at a fraction of the cost. Like the Mulsanne C, the Mulsanne B easily fits into the C111 chassis range with various subframe adapter kits available from us (see below)

Mulsanne B seat

How easy are they to fit?

This depends on which C111 chassis model you have and if you want to install a harness belt. The standard Elise S1, 340R, Elise S2 (pre VIN:72400), Elise 111R (pre VIN:32403), standard Exige S1, Exige S2 (pre VIN;82395) can all be bolted directly to existing Lotus seat frames.

On other later models, we sell seat frame adapter kits (for the Mulsanne C,XC and XRC and a separate one for the Mulsanne B) that allow you to mount our seats to the existing factory Lotus drivers side seat frames, maintaining the slide adjustment fore and aft. If you need to fit harness belts then we also offer seat frame adapter kits featuring a double shear inner bracket and longer 7/16" bolt.

If you are not concerned about keeping the OEM seat sliders and want to save even more weight then we have a solution in our specially designed steel side mounts. They have an array of holes and slots allowing for plenty of adjustment;

Our subframe adapter kits also cleverly allow you to retain the stock 3-point lap belt and or fit an additional 3,4 or 5/6 point harness system

What are the comfort and custom interior styling options?

Our Velcro-on cushion kits for our Mulsanne seats ensure that your Carbon Fibre seat upgrade is not uncomfortable and helps provide extra s
upport and hold you whilst on the road or track. Our range of cushion kits can also be tailored to match your interior with a variety of fabric colours and trims available.

Technosuede cushion kit (left), Mulsanne C in Elise S1 with custom trim cushion pads (right)


Clear coated high gloss lacquered Mulsanne C in Elise S2 with custom Reverie modified Diminica cushion set (left), Mulsanne XRC - the ultimate fully-focussed track day Lotus seat [UK drivers side] and Mulsanne C with optional bolt-on headrest passenger side in Elise S1 - both with Reverie Carbon effect leather embossed seat cushion kits (right)

Mulsanne XRC drivers side, Mulsanne C passenger side with custom leather trim in an S2 Elise

What are the different seat sizes available?

Not sure which of our seats will fit you best? Take a look at our comprehensive seat size guide that provides 18 unique measurements for each seat

Do you make an FIA-approved seat?

Yes - our Super Sports seat is FIA-approved and can fit in the Exige V6 with our billet CNC-machined subframes

The Super Sports is a lightweight seat available as either a single or Twin Skin Carbon Fibre bucket seat that fits most vehicles including the Lotus Elise/Exige S1 to S3 inc. V6 and 111R, 340R and 2-Eleven. FIA-approved versions of the seat are available and can be specified in bare-Carbon polished or fabric trimmed.

Note: the Super Sports B is a single-skin version and slightly wider and will only fit Lotus vehicles on the driver side only, to use a Super Sports seat on the passenger side a twin skin seat must be used or the handbrake centre tunnel must be removed to allow room. The seat side mounting holes are 288mm apart, the bare shell weighs 3.7kg and the fully trimmed version is 5.4kg


Wednesday 6 December 2023

New 310mm Chord Curved Rear Carbon Wing

Following the success of our 225mm chord curved wing, we have decided to develop a larger curved wing based on our 310mm chord wing. Whilst this will be a wing that will have universal fitment, we will be designing a kit and mounts specially for the new Lotus Emira. Follow along the process of the development below;

The first stage is machining the pattern from which we can manufacture production Carbon tooling. Because of its size, we have to use our Thermwood M67-55;

The material is supplied by Base materials

We plan to offer the wing with multiple mount options, top and bottom and it will work with our angled 310mm end plates that we launched last year. For the first time, we plan to offer the wing in herringbone weave which will add a little extra visual appeal.

Check back to see our progress...

Thursday 15 July 2021


 BMW M135 track car flat floor installation (9mm marine plywood) and Reverie Carbon Fibre rear diffuser with 270/790/270mm vane spacing:

Tuesday 8 June 2021


Reverie rear diffuser on a Datsun 240Z (photos courtesy of Shane Hafiz)

A special one off Reverie Carbon Fibre rear diffuser for 240Z race car in Australia, using Group C vanes and a Carbon/foam sandwich 5mm main upper panel

Tuesday 10 November 2020

November 2020

We have had a relatively busy month and we are pleased to announce a range of new air boxes further diversifying our lineup.

We have launched two new Interlagos air box ranges - the 425S and 425C. The Interlagos 425S is a shorter version of the standard 425 Carbon Fibre air box. Throttle bodies can be mounted to either of the flat faces of the air box allowing the 425S to accommodate a wide variety of engine bays. The kit features a 20mm depth back plate or can be specified with our range of bespoke inlet cowls;

Reverie Interlagos 425SX Carbon Air Box - 100mm Side Inlet Filter Cowl Kit - R01SE0764Reverie Interlagos 425SY Carbon Air Box - 100mm Centre Inlet Filter Cowl Kit - R01SE0765Reverie Interlagos 425SYZ Carbon Air Box Kit - Twin 75mm Oval Centre Intake Filter Cowl Kit - R01SE0768Reverie Interlagos 425SZ Carbon Air Box Kit - Blank Intake Filter Cowl KitReverie Interlagos 425SYX Carbon Air Box Kit - 127.5mm Oval Centre Intake Filter Cowl KitReverie Interlagos 425S Carbon Air Box - Std Backplate

The Interlagos 425C is a compact narrow version of the standard 425 Carbon Fibre air box and smaller than the 425S range. Throttle bodies can be mounted to either of the flat faces of the air box allowing the 425C to accommodate a wide variety of engine bays. The kit features a 20mm depth back plate and can be specified with either a 75mm inlet pipe mounted on the left or right-hand side or a centre 75mm oval inlet.
Reverie Interlagos 425C Carbon Air Box LH 75mm Inlet - Std Backplate - R01SE0780Reverie Interlagos 425C Carbon Air Box RH 75mm Inlet - Std Backplate - R01SE0781Reverie Interlagos 425C Carbon Air Box Centre 75mm Oval Inlet - Std Backplate - R01SE0779

We have also enhanced our Zolder range by introducing a range of different angled back plates. These new back plates are compatible with Reverie fitment, PX600 and our ITG JC50 fitment air boxes. The back plates are available in three different angles (from 3 to 28deg.) and three different depths (30/60/90mm) along the width or length of the back plate. 

Zolder JC50 60-to-15mm Length Angled -7 Degrees Back Plate - R01SE0748Zolder JC50 60-to-15mm Width Angled +23 Degrees Back Plate - R01SE0728Zolder JC50 60-to-15mm Width Angled -23 Degrees Back Plate - R01SE0735

We have completed a number of Carbon repairs recently including repairing a fire-damaged Ducati motorbike which required re-skinning and repainting;


After repair;


We have also recently repaired a Pinarello bike which required a local repair and paint (pre-repair left image, post repair right image);


We recently supplied a Zolder PX600 period GRP 60mm deep back plate fitted to a rare BMW Alpina A4S (awaiting fitment of Zolder 150 LH) again in historic period GRP;


Tuesday 21 July 2020

NEW Ariel Atom Parts...

New Ariel Atom parts available including a dual element wing (R01SB0601) that features a 225mm chord main element with 130mm chord flap element. It is available with either our OEM Carbon Fibre replacement standard rear wing mounts (R01SB0591) or our 250mm extended rear wing mounts (R01SB0589):

Also now available for the Ariel Atom are two new Carbon Fibre front wings - 310mm chord in either high down-force or low drag versions. Both wings are supplied ready to fit;