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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Robin Read Dragster at Autosport 2020

This beautifully built dragster new for 2020 is sporting Reverie carbon fibre front and rear autoclave wings, check it out at Autosport. Good luck to Robin Read

Tuesday, 10 December 2019


Recently a customer purchased an Eclipse 315 Carbon Fibre steering wheel from us for use in his road legal track car. He explains his project here;

"The modified Eclipse 315mm wheel will be used on a replica Lola T70 Mk3B which has been in build for the last 4 years - and I hope will be on the road in about 8 months (maybe)! The plan is to make a road legal track focused car with a little more power and almost the same weight as the original/continuation, using modern, low maintenance mechanicals and electronics;
  • Motec M150 with switchable TC and Bosch M5 ABS,
  • Motec PDM, Motec C127 display and a motorsport wiring harness
  • ARE Dry sump Chevrolet LS built by Peter Knight with custom CNC 54m downdraft ITBs
  • Quaife ZF H pattern 5 speed transaxle
  • Alloy clad steel space frame chassis with all new epoxy infused carbon body panels - that we have been working on for 2 years now - plugs almost finished.
  • Centre lock CNC billet replica wheels (with rim proportions slightly changed to disguise the fact we are using R17 F40 tyres / same dimension Hoosier slicks for track)
Tim Mason / Autosport Electronics did the wiring , and I had the Carbon mount designed by Henry Chiron - and can supply. An upshot of this is I have had so many CNC parts made that make a NA LS installation into a mid engine car straightforward, from a compact billet front drive system to a billet bell housing and 8.25” twin plate clutch - etc that I plan to market the components - once proven if I am happy with the overall outcome."
Here  are some pictures of his project and the Reverie Eclipse 315 Carbon Fibre steering wheel that he used;

Thursday, 14 November 2019


We recently have completed a number of Carbon Fibre repairs for some very high-performance cars, here are two examples...

Ferrari 488 Rear Diffuser

One diffuser vane badly curbed and damaged, was locally re-laminated with weave matching and clear coated and polished to effect non visible repair;

McLaren 720 Rear Diffuser

McLaren 720 rear diffuser repair, several vanes badly curbed. Locally re-laminated and clear coated and polished to effect non-seen repair;

And also last but not least...

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Thursday, 7 November 2019

NEW 6 cylinder below Fits JC100 back plates Flat, 30, 60 or 90mm deep
We can supply with 127.5mm 5” or 150mm 6” sized intake entry

Links to parts here:

Technical drawing here:

Slimmer older version still available here also:

NEW 4 cylinder Hockenheim 422 max has flat or 30mm or 60mm fuel rail spacer back plate options
150mm 6” Entry can take our cone R01SE6098 Air filter in the end

Links to parts here:
Technical drawings here:


We keep getting asked for bigger volume 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder airboxes for high power normally aspirated engines fitted with throttlebodies so.....
Both Airboxes were CAD designed here in house

Male Patterns (blue below) cnc machined here on our 5 axis cnc machine, then hand finished before being tooled up by our lamination team from SHD LTC210 Tooling carbon with a 1-8-1 layup to approx 6mm thick. Steel alignment bushes laminated in to ensure a perfect mould joint and therefore finish to the parts.


Thursday, 10 October 2019



A new range of Hockenheim air boxes, the 422 MAX, is now available offering increased volume up-to 16.8L and a 150mm air inlet/entry. The range of air boxes are available in either Carbon or GRP and is also compatible with our bespoke ITG air filter, also available on our website. The 422 MAX is suitable with either PX600 or JC50 back plates.

Hockenheim 422 MAX range available on our website


With increased volume over standard 6-cylinder air boxes (17.0L), the new Macau MAX provides increased performance and features dual diameter oval inlets (127/150mm). The Macau MAX is also available with our bespoke ITG air filter, see our website for details.

R01SE0717 (LH Air Box)
R01SE0718 (RH Air Box)

Friday, 10 May 2019

Reverie Limited - May 2019

We welcome on board Torqued llc in San Francisco, they will be mainly focusing and stocking Reverie Steering wheels, Canards, NACA ducts and gear shift knobs, but can also supply to order all Reverie products inc FIA seats, rear wings and air boxes.

Lotus Exige S2 225mm Chord Rear Wing Kit

This lightweight (0.8KG lighter than stock) and extremely rigid high-downforce Carbon Fibre rear wing was designed by aerodynamics writer and designer Simon McBeath to fit the Lotus Exige S2 (04 - 06). The adjustable mounting allows you to fine tune the AoA and generates approximately 63% more down force than stock wing (493N of down force vs. 300N stock, 100mph at 12 deg AoA).

Wing available on our website from £1,499.00


Previously repaired by another firm not to the customers satisfaction, we took on the job of stripping off the black pigmented clear coat and then carefully sanding the recessed area to lay a new pre-preg layer of low temperature SHD LTC210 2x2 twill carbon into, carefully exactly matching the weave. Due to the backing structures on the door card we locally vacuum bagged, not complete envelope bagging and autoclave cured overnight 65’c 9 hours. We then sanded the whole repair and applied several layers of clear primer paint, air dryed, baked and then sanded and applied 4 layers of Acrylic scratch resistant clear coat, before baking and then flatting and polishing to a high standard.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Latest Products and Projects from Reverie | March 2019

We have recently launched several new products adding to our extensive line-up of high performance Autoclaved Carbon Fibre parts and accessories. All are available through our website. Our new wing kit for the Lamborghini Huracan features our popular 225mm chord Carbon Fibre wing with bespoke Alloy wing mounts that also allows fine tuning of the wing angle of attack. All necessary fixings are supplied with the kit. Specially designed slim-line Carbon end plates finish off the kit:

Part No.: R01SB0459

Lamborghini Huracan (2014 - ) 225mm Chord Carbon Fibre Rear Wing Kit, clear coated with Alloy Wing Mounts - R01SB0459
The Morgan Plus 4 can get a performance boost with our bespoke Carbon Fibre air box induction kit which is designed to increase the flow of cold, clean, induced air to the engine, improving performance and throttle response and reducing drive-by induction noise. This is achieved with our Carbon Fibre air box design and high performance ITG racing air filter. The kit works with Omex throttle bodies, but don't worry if your Morgan has a different set up as our Zolder 112RH air box can be modified to fit with an externally mount Carbon air filter canister also available on our website.

Part No.: R01SE0699

Morgan Plus 4 (05 - ) 2.0L Duratec Supersports Carbon Fibre Zolder Air Box Induction Kit (Omex) - R01SE0699

Whether you have a Caterham 7 R300, R400 or R500, we have developed an air box kit that will extract the most amount of performance from the 1.8L Rover K-Series engine which was fitted to production vehicles form 1997. Our design not only increases the through-put of air but also decreases drive-by noise by up to 6.3dB. The kit includes a Reverie Silverstone RH102 Carbon Fibre air box, air filter inlet adapter, air filter, all fixings and pre-drilled Alloy back plate. For custom air inlet routing, our range of compatible inlet snorkels and ducts can be fitted and we also offer nose cone blister side ducts for the R500 variant. 

Part No.: R01SB0698

Caterham 7 R300/R400/R500 Air Box Induction Kit (K-Series Engine) - R01SE0698

Lastly, customer Robin Read kindly sent us some photos of one of our 300 + 110mm chord dual element rear wings fitted to his drag racer which is still in the development stages;