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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Reverie Update July 2014

Reverie Update July 2014

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Work Experience 

Hello,my name is Harry Parker, and I am doing work experience at Reverie Limited for 1 week, and will take this time to tell you about what I, and the company have been up to in June and July 2014. 

The main job that I have been doing, while at Reverie is helping out in stores, packing items up for shipment all across the world. Every item that comes out from us, it needs to be packed to a high standard, so that no damage occurs in shipping. 

I have also been keeping stock up to date using an MRP System called 123 insight. this allows anyone in the building to see the amount of stock we have for a product, and its location, after you have searched for it, using the part number. This keeps our webshop showing the correct stock levels.

Finally I have also been using the computer to update Reverie Limited on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Blogger. The link to the rest of Reverie's social media, are below.

Twitter: (@ReverieLTD)

Facebook:  Reverie Limited (Business  Account)
Reverie Carbon Composites (Human Account)

Skype: reverie_composites

Make sure that you follow us on social media so you can know exactly what is going on here at Reverie.

Mitsubishi Evo Work

From 30th June 2014 until the 4th July here at Reverie we have been working on a Mitsubishi Evo, to be driven by Andy Demitriou, at Time Attack. The car is known as the Black Mamba due to its all Black styling. For the car, we have designed & produced all the aerodynamics . While all other work was done in Cyprus. Cougar Cyprus was the team that helped source all of the components, while Nastama Cyprus were held responsible for building the car and all the bodywork on the Evo.  

The team plan to run the car for the rest of the season as it is, collect as much data as possible and get  the car in a wind tunnel at the end of the season.

Reverie supplied a dual element 300/120mm Rear wing, rear diffuser, flat floors made from carbon/alloy Honeycomb sheet. A front splitter was also added and front canards to the car, to make it stronger, lighter and faster. links to all these products can be found below

Universal Diffusers                    click here
Rear Wing                                  click here
Floor Panels                              click here

The Daytona 500 fitted to the Evo

Rear diffuser and other parts before fitted to the evo

The Black Mamba made it's debut on 5th July 2014 at the round 3 stage of the Time Attack Championship. the best result the car got was 3rd place but could not enter the final race due to gear-box failure. The next race it will be at Cadwell Park on 9th August 2014. To find out more about the car, see an interview with the driver, Andy and also purchase tickets for the remaining stages of time attack, please click on the following link

Also we fitted to the car was a Daytona 500 induction kit to the car, as shown in the pictures below. You can purchase your own Daytona using the link below and the part comes in a variety of diameters, which you can select when buying it from our online store.

Underside of the evo, before floors fitted

The driver of the Evo Andy, only made his debut for Time Attack at the round 2 stage, in another  car, a Porsche, and managed to pick up a trophy for his performance, at Knockhill, while we were busy working on his Evo, for the left over stages of the event. 

We wish Andy luck, for the remaining rounds of this seasons Time Attack Championship, and are sure that he will do well in his new Mitsubishi Evo. 


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