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Friday, 18 May 2018

Improving the Caterham Seven CSR 260

The Caterham Seven CSR is the latest Caterham Seven from Caterham cars, launched back in 2005 to replace the venerable SV. Whilst the CSR retains the classic Caterham look, it spent three years in development and was significantly revised with modifications to the suspension, aerodynamics and interior. The engine for the CSR is an all alloy Cosworth-tuned 2.3 Ford Duratech unit, which replaced the K-Series engine (which the car was originally designed with), and bought with it an increase in power of up to 260bhp. Whilst a fine engine mated to a fine chassis can bring spectacular results, problems can occur when a powerful engine is crammed into a tight engine bay.

Recently, a CSR 260 owner contacted us because he found that with the existing standard setup on his 260, engine bay intake temperatures were undesirably hot. We discussed the options and decided to adapt our own Zolder 150 LH air box with 30mm deep PX600 back plate and install it to his car. This air box was selected by our customer to reduce intake temperatures from a soaring 490c and also produced a higher intake pressure for more power through ram-air.

Noise compliance was not a requirement on this installation, as it is a full race car, though we and the customer found that our induction system is quieter than the standard open foam filter. Due to the success of this setup, we now offer this induction kit on our website. The kit is suitable for both power output options (200bhp & 260bhp) available in the CSR.


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